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The Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Incorporated 
DC Metro Alumnae Association

Welcome to the Nation's Capital!

The D.C. Metro Alumnae Association is unique and unlike any other association due to the fact that our core membership is comprised of Sigma Lambda Gamma alumnae from chapters across the country. Sisters who are members of the DCMAA have worked in prestigious places such as the United States Senate, the United States Senate, presidential campaigns, United States Department of State, United States military, nationally recognized nonprofits and law firms. Additionally, we have sisters who have worked as social workers, firefighters and teachers. We come from all walks of life, but we are united by our sisterhood. 

The District of Columbia Metro Alumnae Association of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Incorporated is dedicated to uniting Sigma Lambda Gamma alumnae in a professional, philanthropic and social association, while advancing the principles of our Sorority. Our vision is to assist and support future and present alumnae with their transition into their professional careers and/or pursuit of higher education. Moreover, we envision guiding members of this alumnae association in becoming key figures in our community and instruments of growth and expansion of Sigma Lambda Gamma. 

DCMAA Meetings: 

DCMAA meetings are held quarterly and are listed on the calendar. If you are a sister new to the area or are wanting to get more involved please email 

for information. 

No upcoming events